What is the AVG Nation toolbar?

The AVG Nation toolbar is a browser add-on that improves your web protection. It includes AVG Secure Search which alerts you before you visit dangerous webpages to make sure your identity, personal information, and computer are protected. In addition, the integrated AVG Do Not Track brings the control over your privacy back to you.

How do I uninstall the AVG Nation toolbar?

Your homepage and search settings are currently set to avg.nation.com. When you uninstall the AVG Nation toolbar, the toolbar will be removed from Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, and your homepage and search settings will be reverted back to their previous settings.

To uninstall from Windows XP/VISTA/7:

  1. Click windows START button
  2. Select Setting/Control panel
  3. Select add remove programs
  4. Select AVG Nation Toolbar
  5. Select Uninstall

Additional uninstall information

Protection while searching and surfing

AVG Secure Search provides an additional security layer while searching and surfing to protect you from infected websites. It checks every page before you even click on a link to make sure your identity, your personal information and your PC are protected.

Rates each link for safety

AVG Secure Search provides clear safety ratings for each link in your search results, allowing you to instantly assess the safety of every site you’re interested in before you go there.

Infected sites are marked so that you immediately know which sites are safe and which to avoid.

Finds threats that other software might miss

Unique, preventative, real-time protection while you search and surf. As soon as you start browsing a web page that is infected and that AVG has rated 'Dangerous', AVG Secure Search warns you and prevents the page from opening.

It also protects you when you enter a web address directly into your browser, when you click links on search engines or social networking sites, and when a program or application opens your web browser.

Online Privacy Control

AVG Do Not Track lets you identify which websites are collecting data on your online activities and gives you the option of allowing it or not.

Be in control of your privacy

Know which websites collect information on your browsing habits and decide if you wish to be tracked or not. AVG Do Not Track helps you identify and block Ad networks, Social Buttons, and Web Analytics that might track your activity. In addition, you can also choose to notify those websites about your preference not to be tracked.

An icon in the AVG Nation toolbar alerts you if websites or advertisers are tracking your activity on the page you are visiting.

Click on the AVG Do Not Track icon to see which trackers are active on the page you are visiting. Block services that you don’t want tracking your online activity by clicking on the eye symbol.